Platt Property Owners

From left to right: Rick, Ron, Gary, and Larry.

Platte Properties

Platte Properties, LLC, developer of River Oaks Landing, is owned by four cousins originally from eastern Montana and North Dakota: Gary Thompson, Ron Powell, Rick Thompson, and Larry Thompson. Three are Hillcrest Academy alumni and well-acquainted with the friendly, family-oriented spirit of Fergus Falls.

Gary Thompson said, β€œIn considering a location for our complex, we found Fergus Falls city officials and citizens extremely welcoming. We deeply value the warm, down-to-earth character of this community, its commitment to commerce, culture, and excellence, and the incredible natural beauty and recreational activities found here. Our goal is for River Oaks Landing to continue this rich tradition by becoming another welcoming community within Fergus Falls.”



Here are just a few of the attractions in the Fergus Falls area.

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